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Who We Are & What We Do

Martin Fronek

Martin Fronek

Lead Programmer,

  • Web application development with the developer's full-time focus exclusively on your project
  • A team of several highly experienced, cherry-picked software engineers
  • Martin's 11+ years of experience in the field combined with his close project supervision ensuring the highest quality possible
  • Reliable, hassle-free cooperation with professional and 'get things done' attitude


What We Do & What We Use

Web Application Development

We not only develop web applications from scratch, but can also take over existing projects or even function as an additional development resource for your current team.

Complementary Services


No specifications, design, or texts ready for your project? No problem! Just explain what you're building and we will take care of all the hassle.

Core Technologies


How We Are Different

Fast, Stable & Secure Code

The best way to avoid common technical debt and issues with performance, stability, security, and code structure is hiring a highly experienced talent who has already fixed all of these mistakes before.

100% Focus Exclusively on Your Project

In most work environments, it is almost a rule for developers (both employees and freelancers) to work on several projects at once, which leads to insufficient focus, time and effort on any given project. One or more of us is always dedicated full-time to your project.

Full Service

Besides programming, a typical project requires preparing specifications, wireframes and UI/UX design, close project supervision, application testing, copywriting, translation... you name it. Let us take care of it all for you!

Detailed Progress Reports

We understand that you want to know what exactly is being worked on at any given time. With our weekly check-in calls and detailed progress reports, you always know what's going on.

Code That Can Be Taken Over

We have developed coding guidelines that make it possible for any other developer to just jump in and continue coding. You will therefore NOT end up with a code that only the original developer can understand.

Risk-Free Trial Period

Since we are highly confident in all of our quality measures, we offer a risk-free trial period. If you are unhappy, for whatever reason, you have the right to withdraw the agreement and get an immediate, full refund.

Our Work

Examples of What We Have Done


For Pond5, the leading footage marketplace, we implemented various features while working with big data and performance optimizations required for the massive amounts of traffic the website receives.


UNIQUEDOC is a web & mobile communication platform for healthcare professionals, where security is the highest concern. Our work therefore included implementing advanced security measures including file encryption algorithms.


EuroRise is an advanced, fully automatic Forex trading algorithm. Starting out as our in-house project and sold commercially at first, it was later bought out by a private investor after proving itself consistently profitable.


SignalQ provides smartly designed and engineered VOIP solutions. The scope of our work on this project included implementing advanced user interface features. We took the SPA (single page application) approach, resulting in a modern, interactive web application.

...and many more

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